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365 Days 

365 Days (2020) 365 วัน

365 Days 

365 Days After a meeting with the Torricelli Sicilian Mafia crime family and black market dealers, Massimo Torricelli watches a gorgeous woman at the beach and speaks to his father, the mafia boss. The dealers suddenly shoot Massimo and his father; Massimo lives, and his father dies of his wounds.

Massimo who was the Torricelli crime family’s leader is now the Torricelli crime family’s leader five years five years later. In Warsaw, Laura Biel is unhappy about her relationship with her boyfriend Martin. Laura celebrates her 29th birthday in Italy with Martin and her friend Olga however, when Martin visits Etna without her, she decides to take walks and comes across Massimo who is kidnapping her.

Massimo informs Laura at his home that he met her five years ago at the shore. He was so devastated that his mind was unable to think of anything else but her. After searching for years , and finally spotting her, he kidnapped her, aiming to keep her prisoner for 365 days in the hopes that she will become a lover. He guarantees that he will not touch her without her consent, even if he is sexually and physically aggressive towards her.

While they are spending time with each other, Laura teases him and is then unable to get an intimate relationship with him. She teases him in the hotel in Rome and she is put on his bed. Massimo has Laura be aware of him having oral sexual sex with a different woman. He claims that he intends to penetrate her, but then alters his mind and instructs Laura to dress up for a club.

Laura exposes her body to Massimo and his fellow members in the club that irritates him. The man begins to touch her as she begins to flirt with a mafia gang member who is a rival. Massimo takes out his guns and Laura is exiled from the bar. Laura awakes on a yacht the next day to find Massimo and Mario disputing. Massimo admits to having shot the man’s hands after he groped Laura, inciting a war between the two families. Massimo accuses Laura of the incident, and Laura is determined to get her revenge. They argue and Laura gets swept away in the water, and she panics. Massimo leaps in to save Laura. After she is conscious Massimo admits to being afraid she would not survive and doesn’t wish to lose her. Laura begins to fellate Massimo and the two engage in sex repeatedly.

In the evening, Massimo, Laura and Anna attend a masquerade ball at which Anna threatens Laura. Massimo tells Laura that the woman he loved was Anna and threatens Laura with leaving if she saw Laura. This was the case after he met Laura in the airport.

After the party, Massimo and Laura have sex again. He informs Laura that he’s going to Warsaw to see her family and promises to be there after she’s done with her business. He assures her that he is a lover and is concerned about her.

In the car ride to the airport, Domenico was another of Massimo’s mafiosos tried to reassure a nervous Laura that Anna will not hurt her, but receives a phone call, tells Laura to stay in Warsaw and then rushes off.

Laura waits in Warsaw for Massimo for several days with any contact. Olga her closest friend, is reunited with Laura and they head out to a club. Martin comes up to her, saying that he’s looking for her to apologize. Martin tries to persuade her to forgive him. He follows her back home to her place where Massimo is waiting in awe. Martin quits and Laura and Massimo have sex. Laura discovers the wounds that he’s sustained during the ongoing battle when she opens her shirt. He is shocked to find that she has fallen in love with her. Massimo proposes to her in the morning, and she accepts. She requests Massimo to keep her parents’ “occupation” secret.

Mario tells Massimo that tensions are increasing at home in Italy. Laura says she is feeling sick, but brushes off seeing the doctor. She explains to Massimo that she’s not allowing her family members to be present at the wedding since she doesn’t want them discover the details of what Massimo does. However, Massimo allows Olga to come as Laura’s bridesmaid. Laura tells Olga that she is pregnant when Olga arrives to visit. Olga insists that she tell Massimo about the pregnancy. Laura calls Massimo to ask if they can discuss the issue after dinner. While they are talking, Mario receives a phone message from an Torricelli informant that the mafia rival family is about to kill Laura. Laura’s car travels through a tunnel, but it does not go out the other end. Mario is quick to locate Massimo at the same time Laura’s phone drops. Massimo is aware of the consequences and collapses. The tunnel’s entry point is closed by a police vehicle.


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